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Happy Thanksgiving!


Hello, just want to take a brief moment to wish all of my fellow Americans a happy Thanksgiving.  Even though we live in Toronto we celebrate American Thanksgiving. My dad is visiting and I am spending most of the day in kitchen as most of you all are.  Remember to enjoy yourself today and not worry about the calories.

Have a great time with family and friends.  I will probably go for a walk after eating.  That usually makes me feel better. If the weather is not cooperating where you are, you could do the walking workout below from Jessica Smith.

It’s a short workout.  Maybe do it two times through or after each helping of food. LOL  I love that we can now take workouts with us wherever we go without having to bring a bunch of DVDs.

I’ll be back at it tomorrow with this workout!

Once again happy Thanksgiving and let me know what your fitness plans are for turkey day and beyond.

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I’m Finally Back!!!

These past few weeks have been crazy busy, getting the new house unpacked and now we’re getting ready for our trip to Chicago.  I wanted to just stop for a minute and give you an update.

I’ve been working out steadily, almost every day.  I’ve started another round of the Fitness Blender Abs Program and added the Fitness Blender Booty Program.  I really like that you can just add the programs directly to the calender on their website.  So you know exactly what workouts to do that day. We will be staying with my mom and I don’t think she has any heavy dumbbells. So, I’m thinking of getting the Fitness Blender Bodyweight Program to do while we’re there.

I think I’m ready for Chicago.  I tried a few things on that were a little tight a couple of months ago.  They fit a bit better.   I’m still struggling with my diet and I have a feeling it won’t get any better in Chicago, but I will try not to overeat.

I will make sure to update this blog while I’m in Chicago. I hope you all have a great summer!

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