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Shrimp and Grits From Shane's in Brooklyn.

I Didn’t Worry About Weight Gain During My Vacation

I haven’t worked out at all or watch my diet during our vacation.  I had fun and gave myself a break.   I didn’t worry about weight gain at all.  I just ate what I wanted and walked a lot.  It felt so good!

I didn't worry about weight gain
Shrimp and Grits From Shane’s in Brooklyn.

Spent our spring break New York, Boston and Easter weekend in my hometown, Chicago. Walking is my favorite form of cardio, so I loved keeping fit this way.


My Fitbit has died.  Luckily I was able to track my steps with the Google Fit App.  I don’t have to open the app to use it.  It keeps track of the steps on my phone and tablet while in my purse.

It’s so simple to use.  The app also tells you how many calories you burn, active time and distance.

Google Fit Steps
All of the steps we took in NYC and Boston.
Google Fit App
All of the steps we took while in Chicago.

I know that I will have to get back on track soon.  I have a high school reunion in Chicago in August.


You can download the Google Fit App from Google Play, here.

How do you stay fit while on vacation?! Do you worry about weight gain during your vacation?!

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