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Spring To A New Me!

Walking with the kids today and we saw flowers starting to sprout up.  I kind of feel like the flowers. Right now I’m doing a diet and fitness program that is working for me.  I’m getting fit and healthy.  I want to be strong, lean and sexy. I want to continue to work on myself inside and out.  This would include something I have neglected for many years.  Since becoming a mom, I have don’t really have the time or the money to get the monthly facials.  I really miss them.  So, when I saw the Jessner Peel Kits from I became really excited. Ingredients include Salicylic Acid that is used to fight acne, Lactic Acid used to boost hydration and improve skin texture and finally Resorcinol to break down hard rough skin. Great for eczema and psoriasis. Check it out! Jessner Peel

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