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Eating Healthy Giveaway

Eating Healthy In The New Year Giveaway

Eating Healthy In The New Year Giveaway with IONutrition #IONutrition

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2 Lucky Winners will Receive 3 Paleo Breakfasts and 5 Paleo Entrees from IONutritions! $90 ARV Each Prize for a Total ARV of $180!

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3 Best Anti Inflammatory Paleo Foods

Here’s another guest blogger post from Anthony Close.  Be sure to check out his website and sign up for his free two week Paleo meal plan. And be sure to like him on Facebook. There some really yummy meals that are quick and easy to make!
3 Best Anti
Inflammatory Paleo Foods
By: Anthony Close
If you are suffering from a
disease, an injury or most importantly chronic inflammation, you should take
measures to clean your diet first, before reaching for non-steroidal
anti-inflammatory drugs. These drugs definitely provide you a welcome relief
from inflammation but they are accompanied by innumerable side effect as well. Some
of the most important symptoms of inflammation are often painful body parts
that can also get swollen, hot and reddened.
However, there is good news for
persons suffering from chronic inflammation. If these patients include a strict
paleo diet in their daily meal plan, they can ultimately get rid of this
painful situation because most of the paleo diets are free of inflammation
causing foods. It simply means that your body will concentrate on healing any
injury or medical condition you have instead of working extra to void the ill
effects of poor food choices. Many medical practitioners such as Anthony Close
also recommend using eating some or all of the foods including in major paleo
diets programs in order to eliminate inflammation permanently from your life. Following
lines explain 3 of the best such foods.

Fish Oil:

Fish oil is widely recognized and
used for its well-established reputation of being one of the best
anti-inflammatory foods. According to Livestrong Foundation and many other
well-known health related sites such as, fish oil is rich in omega-3 polyunsaturated
fatty acids scientifically known as docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and
eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) making it an extremely effective part of your daily
diet to fight inflammation. These are the long chain Omega-3 fatty acids and
can help you to alleviate inflammation caused due to cardiovascular, autoimmune
and other such disorders and diseases that attack connective tissues and
intestines. However, you should avoid taking fish oil supplement and prefer
actual fish such as salmon that is also rich in DHA and EPA. Similarly, natural
fish oil is also one of the great fitness products as well and taking it in
your daily diet is indeed one of the best ways to lose fat and fight
inflammation at the same time.  Other
ways to get these special oils include: organ meats and avocados.
Green tea has been an
indispensible part of almost every weight loss workout program known to human
kind, let alone paleo diets. The green tea contains various polyphenols and
flavonoids have long been supposed as the top anti-inflammatory elements. In
this regard a low dose of green tea daily (1g/1kg) will dramatically decreases
the amount of proteins that cause inflammation in liver muscles. On the other
hand, it increases the mRNA levels of tristetraprolin that is an exceptional
anti-inflammatory protein. Similarly, green tea is extremely effective for
persons looking to burn fat fast as it is a great alternative to coffee as well.
Turmeric can be a very valuable
addition to the Paleo dieter’s pantry. However, very few people know that
turmeric is one of the most effective yet delicious natural foods to contain
anti-inflammatory properties. As a fact of matter, there are more than two
dozen components found in turmeric that are great at fighting inflammation. The
greatest thing about turmeric is that six of these components are COX-2
inhibitors. The COX-2 inhibitors prevent Cox-2 enzymes that can lead to pain,
swelling and most importantly inflammation in different parts of the body.
Similarly, turmeric also prevents cancers, arthritis and Alzheimer’s disease. Try
making it as a tea by adding 2.5 teaspoons of it to hot water with honey, lemon
and a dash of black pepper.
Above mentioned are some of the
best paleo diet foods that can help you to avoid catching inflammation in first
place and to heal it if you do suffer from this obnoxious condition.   Getting the right nutrients far outweighs
pumping your body full of drugs to fight off inflammation.  Now you have a few ideas on how to do so.
Visit stared by Anthony Close and
Hannah Close.  It is a great resource, if
you want to learn more about inflammation. Anthony Close, Hannah Close,, Paleo,
Meal Plan, great fitness products, workout programs, burn fat fast, ways to
lose fat, quickest way to burn fat.
Anthony Close

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