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Changing My Mindset

Changing My Mindset

Changing My Mindset

I haven’t been thinking much on about my body in the past month.   I’ve been focusing on my mind and concentrating on my career. Changing my mindset.

It’s difficult changing careers in midlife.  I have decided that maybe I need to change my way of thinking and have a more positive outlook.

Changing my mindset has been tough. I have a difficult time focusing on one thing.  I have been keeping my meditation appointments every day for the past month. I’ve been doing some meditation every morning and at night before bed.  When I meditate on a daily basis, things seem to go better in my life.

The two meditations I do are Bob Proctor Abundance Meditation in the morning and 6 Phase Guided Meditation by Vishen Lakhiani at night.  I’m focusing on abundance and confidence.

I think I’m getting more confident because recently I posted a review of a skin care product, Xtend-Life and I included a full picture of my face.  Last year I wouldn’t have done that.  You can read the review here.

The products from Xtend-Life have been some of the best I’ve ever used.  I have been struggling with my skin due to perimenopause and cannot believe the changes.  I have also noticed a change in my hair.  It’s fuller and there was a spot along the hairline where hair hasn’t grown in a very long time.  Hair is growing there now.  That was a bonus!

Things are changing for me, slowly.  My career in social media marketing hasn’t taken off like I hoped it would, but  I have become more creative.  I love posting my photos on Instagram.  My travel photos got the attention of Travel, Set, Go.  They have asked me to be an Ambassador.  Check out my Instagram photos here.  And be sure to follow me, I follow back.

If you want to know more about the deals with Travel, Set, Go or about becoming an Ambassador, go here.

I am also a Ambassador and they have a great free mini Yoga course.  This course will help you to get fitter, feel stronger and deepen your yoga practice, in just 7 days! To sign up please go here.

Do you meditate?!  Do you think it helps in changing your mindset?! Do you believe that changing your mindset works in getting the life that you want?!  Let me know in the comments below!

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Feeling Fit and Fabulous!


The Sunrise Outside My Bedroom Window

Feeling good!

I don’t know if it is the meditation I’m doing or what, but this was a great week.  I really enjoyed my journey this week. It was still challenging, but I had some successes and hope to be sharing more things with you in the future.
I discovered an eye gel that actually works for me, it’s called OZ
Naturals Super Youth Eye Gel.
I was asked to try and review.  The results were amazing! Read the review here!
And if you want to try it, OZ Naturals is giving away some products. Go here to get

When Does Menopause Start?!

The Go Fit Gals have a great podcast about peri-menopause and menopause with Health and Wellness Advocate Ellen Dolgen. Check out her blog here.  She talks about the symptoms you will experience and the treatments available. Also the difference between peri-menopause and menopause. Listen to the podcast here.

T-Tapp Your Way To Fit and Fabulous!

I’ve been asked to review a fitness book called Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes a Day (Lose 2 Sizes in 4 Weeks). I’m a fitness junkie and I’ve never heard of it.  Teresa Tapp the creator has been T-Tapping
for many years.  So far I like it. I haven’t changed my eating habits. I’m still practicing the 80/20 rule of eating clean most of the time. I’ve lost an inch off of my
waist and 2 inches off of my lower abs.  I’ve been doing it
for a week and will have a full review in 3 weeks. I want to try it out for
four weeks. If you want to check it out, here’s a link to her website here.

Recipe of the week: Black bean, lentil and sweet potato
chili.  It’s still a little cold outside
and I want comfort food.  This was
delicious and filling. Check out the recipe here.

Vegan Chili
Black Bean, Lentil and Sweet Potato Chili
Dates to remember:

Derma Roller System Giveaway! The Giveaway will begin April
1st! Read my review here. has The Yoga Starter Kit For Beginners. It begins
April 1st.  Sign up here.

What makes you feel fit and fabulous?! Have you discovered some new great products lately?! Tell us! Please feel free to leave comments below.

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