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Happy Holidays!


I just wanted to say that I have enjoyed sharing some of my life with you this past year. I want to wish you all happy holidays!

It has been a very busy year for me.  I haven’t written as much as I would have liked, but one of the four things I must do to begin 2016 is forgive myself.  You can read about the four steps I’m taking here. I am not perfect, I am evolving every day to the person I want to become. I hope to be sharing with you more and I would like to hear from you too!

I know 2016 will be THE BEST year yet!  Let’s do this together!  To the Year of Yes!

See you in 2016!

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Reflect, Forgive, Begin, Commit

Reflect, Forgive, Begin, Commit

Reflect, Forgive, Begin, Commit

How did your first week of the Year of Yes go?! I was focused and got many things done.  I had a little voice in my head saying all week “You have to say yes to something that challenges you!” For awhile there wasn’t anything, but I did say yes to a couple of things.  First I want to talk about reflect, forgive, begin, commit.

I saw a Periscope with Siobhan Sudberry. She is the creator of the BeFree Project.  I signed up earlier this year with her Facebook group and have been sporadically participating.  One of my goals is to participate more. In this scope she talked about how to get out of a rut and how to make changes in our lives.  How to not begin 2015 by doing the same things in 2016 if they weren’t successful.  Find out more about BeFree Project here.

There are four tips to being successful in 2016.  The first tip is to reflect. Reflect on the what was successful in 2015 and what wasn’t successful.  What would you change?! What would you continue to do in 2016?! Did you meet your goals?!
That next step is to forgive.  This is a big goal for me.  I am very hard on myself.  I have start being more kind to myself and just because I didn’t accomplish my goals doesn’t mean I’m not worthy of the life I want.  Also, to forgive others. Don’t take anything negative into 2016!
Step three is to begin or start fresh.  Don’t wait, start your new life right now!  Don’t procrastinate or wait until a certain date.
Step four is commit to change.  Change is so difficult for me.  Right now I am trying to shift my mindset on a daily basis. I am also guilty of doing the same thing over and over.  I am opening myself to new ideas and getting out of my comfort zone.

Check out Siobhan’s scope here.


My homework for this week is to make a list of things I am afraid of and next to that fear I will write a positive statement.  The positive statement will be what could happen if I got out of my comfort zone and conquered that fear.

I said yes to a couple of things this week.   First, I signed up for Siobhan’s free Take Action Email Bootcamp.  It’s a 10 day course that will help me get out of my rut and take steps to acquire the life I desire.  Sign up for Siobhan’s course here.

Then I signed up for a free Squarespace course offered by Megan Minns.    I don’t know much about Squarespace, but I watched a couple of the tutorials and it looks like an easy way to create a website. You can sign up for the Squarespace course here.

Saying yes to these to courses was a great step for me.  They will help me with becoming the best I can be in my new career.

So are you ready to reflect, forgive, begin, commit?!

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Where Will My Path Take Me?! Excited About The Future

Where Will My Path Take Me Next?! Excited About The Future

I’m really looking forward to summer!  I will have this blog revamped, new house and going home to Chicago for a visit.  I’m just excited about the future in general.  I feel good things coming my way!

I started BodyRockTV 30 Fat Burn Challenge and another round of’s FB Abs Workout Program. I’m already noticing a change in my core.  It looks flatter and more toned.  I have to keep it up even though I’m super busy. I might start the FB Booty Workout Program in July. I’m still thinking about it.

As for my diet, I’m sticking to my 80/20 rule. I have been trying to eat more fat burning foods like oatmeal, eggs, avocados, coconut oil and almonds. I’ve noticed that for me eating three meals with a couple of snacks, one in the midday before dinner and then a small one in the evening works best for me.  If I eat every two to three hours like some have suggested, I gain weight. 

Dates to remember:

The blog revamp is scheduled for June 17 and also our moving day is June 21st. We will be without wifi for a couple of days.   So I will not be blogging around that time.

Recipe of the Week:

Well, it’s more like a recommendation.  I’ve been working on a campaign with Martin’s Apple Chips.  They’re a great snack to take with you when you’re on the go.  I have them with yogurt at night to curb my cravings for something sweet. Check out their website here for other food ideas and recipes.   You can find them in various stores in Ontario, but they will soon be available across Canada.  You can also find them at your local Starbucks! If you live in Canada you can enter to win a spa getaway from Martin’s Apple Chips.  Enter here.

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10 Ways to Get Happy in 10 Minutes or Less


10 Ways to Get Happy in 10 Minutes or Less

When you are having a bad day and need
to get out of a gloomy mood, here are 10 ways you can perk up your mood and get

Picture a Loved One: Keep a
picture of a loved one in your wallet and when you feel sad pull it out and
look at that lovely face. You will immediately feel warmth in your heart and
have to smile.
Reflect on the Positive:
When you are trying on a bathing suit and look down at those stretch
, look over at the little one you love
so dearly and remember why the stretch marks are there.
Find your Happy Place:
If you are having a bad day at work focus on your favorite place and imagine
the next time you will be there. If it is a far away place you cannot visit,
just focus on the visual and let it calm you and take you away to happier
Treat Yourself: You can’t do
this all the time, but on a particularly bad day make yourself your favorite
food or snack and savor every bite. They say nuts and chocolate can do wonders
to boost your mood.
Vent with a Friend: Call a friend
and vent. Make sure it’s not a friend who will add fuel to the fire. Choose a
friend with a good sense of humor who is always good at looking at the bright
side of things. They’ll be sure to get you laughing in a few minutes.
Watch a Funny Video: Go on YouTube
and enter laughing babies. There are very few people who can resist laughing
when you watch these little cherubs chuckling away. If you aren’t a big fan of
babies then look for your favorite funny animal videos such as cats or dogs or
just funny videos in general.
Fake a Smile: This might sound
weird, but fake a smile. This really works. Do a full out grin complete with teeth
and crinkled eyes. For some reason this makes you feel better.
Take a Walk: Go for a mind
clearing walk. Unless it is pouring rain out get some fresh air and give
yourself a quick change of scenery. Take in the sights, smile at people as you
stroll and find a happy place.
Text a Friend: Text a loved one
and say “make me laugh”. You’ll be surprised at the responses you
might get.
Do Some Cleaning: Clean off
your desk, or your room, or your coffee table. Anything that is messy and might
be distracting and depressing.  A quick
organization goes a long way to making your day a little brighter. Messiness
can be causing you stress and you might not even realize it. Neatness helps you
stay focused and maintain a more positive attitude.
Trying any of these tactics will help
your day seem a little bit brighter and might even improve your happiness
enough to really make your day. Don’t let the blues get you down. Choose
happiness and embrace the sunnier side of life.
The author Sandy Getzky is an associate
editor at ProveMyMeds, a public health and education startup focused on producing
helpful resources concerning the treatment of common ailments.

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