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My Essential Oils

These are some oils I have discovered in the past year that are now
staples in my home.  Here is a list of
my essential oils.

Some uses for rose oil are preventing infections in wounds,
improving skin texture, stimulates menstruation, strengthens hair and gums and
cures infections. I started using it because I was curious to see if it could
help heal some scratches on my leg and tighten the skin underneath my eye. It
has helped to tighten the skin under my eye and within days of starting to use
it, it started healing the scratches on my leg. Nothing else worked.  It also has a lovely scent, which
automatically boosts my mood.

Evening primrose oil-I use it for peri-menopausal symptoms like
breast tenderness and hot flashes. It’s also used for acne.  I haven’t noticed much of a change in my skin,
but it has helped with breast tenderness and the hot flashes. Evening primrose
has essential fatty acids or EFAs which is great in relieving inflammation in
the joints and dry skin and hair.

Tea Tree Oil- I originally started using the tea tree oil for
acne.  My skin started breaking out
in these horrible little bumps. Months later I can’t see that it has made much
difference. Then my daughter got lice.  I
started using it in her hair to get rid of them and it was a success. Knock on
many pieces of wood.  I still use it even after
getting rid of the lice to keep them away. 
I mix it with coconut oil. I put the mixture in her hair a couple of times a

Coconut oil-I started using coconut oil to
moisturize my skin and hair. I like using organic coconut oil.  It absorbs into the skin beautifully and
keeps it moisturized for hours.  It helped
get rid of the lice from my daughters hair. I use it on the kids’ hair
weekly.  I also mix it with rose oil and
use that as a deodorant.  It lasts for at
least 24 hours. Coconut oil is also good for raising your metabolism.

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I cannot imagine not having these oils in my home now. Results may vary and the opinions are completely my own. Please consult with a health care professional before starting any supplementation program.

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