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10 Ways To Make A Workout Fly By

Here are some great ways to keep your workouts
interesting from my guest blogger Sandy Getzky. 

Ways To Make A Workout Fly By

Sandy Getzky


Do the slow-passing minutes make you dread
going to the gym? Don’t miss out on the incredible benefits of regular workouts
because you’re suffering from boredom. Rather, make your workouts work for you.
Studies have shown that enhancing expected workout enjoyment actually leads to
more frequent gym visits. Here, then, are a few ways to boost your enthusiasm
and to relieve any tedium.

1.     Set Goals. More than picking
just one overall weight loss or muscle gain goal set yourself numerous, smaller
goals. Opt to maintain a certain calorie-per-minute pace or aim to lift five
pounds more by the end of the week. Setting smaller goals will help you keep
your eye on the bigger prize.

2.     Watch TV. Thanks to your clever
smartphone, you can save all your favorite television shows to watch at the
gym. Putting them off will give you something to look forward to during your
cardio session.

3.    Create
New Playlists.
Your workout music can make all the
difference. Break out songs you haven’t heard in a while so you’ll have
something to look forward to during your cardio sessions. If you’re at a
complete loss, you can look online to discover new workout playlists.

4.     Practice Interval Workouts.
Interval workouts are a great way to shave off pounds, but they’re also helpful
for dispersing monotony. Break up 10-minute cardio intervals with weight
lifting exercises, or adjust your 30-minute cardio session to include both high
and low intensities.

5.     Take a Class. The average gym
tends to host some outstanding class options, including Spinning, yoga, and
Zumba. Venture outside your gym and discover even more exciting classes like
CrossFit, indoor surfing, or horseback riding. Learning a new skill and doing
it with other people will help the time fly.

6.     Get a Gym Buddy. Perhaps the reason
your workout tends to drag is that you’ve been lonely. Bringing a friend along
to the gym can turn a boring workout into a fun event. Not only that, but the
two of you can hold each other accountable for showing up and reaching goals.

7.     Focus on a Routine. Rather than keeping
an eye on the clock, create a routine. Plan what you’ll do at the gym before
you get there and follow through to completion rather than letting the clock
tell you when to quit working.

8.     Trade Dread for Anticipation.
Like we said before, boosting your gym-going anticipation will elevate overall
enjoyment. Instead of staying at home, bemoaning your stretchmarks, envision the benefits you’ll reap from
exercise. One way to do this is to start your workout with something you enjoy
rather than dread. In other words, put the deadlifts off until after you’ve had
a swim or polished off dance class.

9.      Work Harder During a Shorter Duration.
You can literally make your workout fly by when you shorten the time you plan
to spend at the gym. Rather than spending an hour walking on the treadmill,
really push yourself during a 30-minute spree on the elliptical machine.
According to experts, 30 minutes of heart-elevating activity is ideal for
overall fitness.

10.  Hit
the Pavement.
Heading out into the great outdoors for a run,
swim, or bike ride is not only a great way to see a change in scenery, it’ll
allow you to soak up some vitamin D. Enjoy the beach, local park, or people
watching as you burn calories. For a low maintenance workout, just walk out
your front door and spend 30 minutes walking, jogging, or running around your

The author Sandy Getzky is an associate editor
at ProveMyMeds,
a public health and education startup focused on producing helpful resources
concerning the treatment of common ailments.

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10 Ways to Get Happy in 10 Minutes or Less


10 Ways to Get Happy in 10 Minutes or Less

When you are having a bad day and need
to get out of a gloomy mood, here are 10 ways you can perk up your mood and get

Picture a Loved One: Keep a
picture of a loved one in your wallet and when you feel sad pull it out and
look at that lovely face. You will immediately feel warmth in your heart and
have to smile.
Reflect on the Positive:
When you are trying on a bathing suit and look down at those stretch
, look over at the little one you love
so dearly and remember why the stretch marks are there.
Find your Happy Place:
If you are having a bad day at work focus on your favorite place and imagine
the next time you will be there. If it is a far away place you cannot visit,
just focus on the visual and let it calm you and take you away to happier
Treat Yourself: You can’t do
this all the time, but on a particularly bad day make yourself your favorite
food or snack and savor every bite. They say nuts and chocolate can do wonders
to boost your mood.
Vent with a Friend: Call a friend
and vent. Make sure it’s not a friend who will add fuel to the fire. Choose a
friend with a good sense of humor who is always good at looking at the bright
side of things. They’ll be sure to get you laughing in a few minutes.
Watch a Funny Video: Go on YouTube
and enter laughing babies. There are very few people who can resist laughing
when you watch these little cherubs chuckling away. If you aren’t a big fan of
babies then look for your favorite funny animal videos such as cats or dogs or
just funny videos in general.
Fake a Smile: This might sound
weird, but fake a smile. This really works. Do a full out grin complete with teeth
and crinkled eyes. For some reason this makes you feel better.
Take a Walk: Go for a mind
clearing walk. Unless it is pouring rain out get some fresh air and give
yourself a quick change of scenery. Take in the sights, smile at people as you
stroll and find a happy place.
Text a Friend: Text a loved one
and say “make me laugh”. You’ll be surprised at the responses you
might get.
Do Some Cleaning: Clean off
your desk, or your room, or your coffee table. Anything that is messy and might
be distracting and depressing.  A quick
organization goes a long way to making your day a little brighter. Messiness
can be causing you stress and you might not even realize it. Neatness helps you
stay focused and maintain a more positive attitude.
Trying any of these tactics will help
your day seem a little bit brighter and might even improve your happiness
enough to really make your day. Don’t let the blues get you down. Choose
happiness and embrace the sunnier side of life.
The author Sandy Getzky is an associate
editor at ProveMyMeds, a public health and education startup focused on producing
helpful resources concerning the treatment of common ailments.

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The Health Benefits of Yoga No One Told You About

I know Yoga is good for me, but I sometimes have a difficult time including it in my workout schedule. I want to get the big calorie burn all the time, but there are many health benefits to Yoga. Some you may not know about.  Guest Blogger Sandy Getzky will tell you about some of them in this post.

Yoga for improved focus and health

Health Benefits of Yoga No One Told You About

probably know that yoga is great for improving your flexibility and keeping you
toned and fit. Did you know that it also provides several other physical and
emotional health benefits? These are just some of the ways that yoga can be
good for your mind and body.

Improved Posture

having good posture might not seem like a health benefit, it actually is one.
It’s a sign that you’ve built up a strong core, thanks to yoga. It also reduces
your risk of developing back problems.

Better Lungs

of the most basic parts of yoga is deep breathing. While this is often
associated with reducing anxiety and helping people stay calm, it also has a
beneficial effect on the lungs. Doing all that deep breathing can boost your
lung capacity, which can really be a big help if you’re into sports. A higher
lung capacity is associated with better endurance and improved sports

Healthier Heart

spells good news if you’re at risk of having a stroke, high blood pressure or
heart disease. It’s known for lowering the heart rate, which can help keep your
heart in good shape. Yoga has even been shown to reverse heart disease to a
certain extent when it’s combined with a healthy lifestyle. It’s also linked to
lower triglyceride and cholesterol levels, which is even better for your heart.

Improved Focus and Mood

benefits aren’t just in the physical realm. It can also help you out mentally
and emotionally. Yoga is associated with improved mood and better
concentration. It’s even being studied as a possible way to help treat

Are There Any

doesn’t really have any major drawbacks, unless you attempt to do advanced
stretches and poses that you’re not ready for. This could lead to a pulled
muscle or two. The only other thing to be aware of is that you might want to
throw on socks in class if you have nail fungus. Most yoga sessions
are done with bare feet, but you don’t want to risk spreading a fungal
infection to others.

The author Sandy Getzky is an associate editor
at ProveMyMeds, a public health and education startup focused on producing helpful
resources concerning the treatment of common ailments.

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3 Best Anti Inflammatory Paleo Foods

Here’s another guest blogger post from Anthony Close.  Be sure to check out his website and sign up for his free two week Paleo meal plan. And be sure to like him on Facebook. There some really yummy meals that are quick and easy to make!
3 Best Anti
Inflammatory Paleo Foods
By: Anthony Close
If you are suffering from a
disease, an injury or most importantly chronic inflammation, you should take
measures to clean your diet first, before reaching for non-steroidal
anti-inflammatory drugs. These drugs definitely provide you a welcome relief
from inflammation but they are accompanied by innumerable side effect as well. Some
of the most important symptoms of inflammation are often painful body parts
that can also get swollen, hot and reddened.
However, there is good news for
persons suffering from chronic inflammation. If these patients include a strict
paleo diet in their daily meal plan, they can ultimately get rid of this
painful situation because most of the paleo diets are free of inflammation
causing foods. It simply means that your body will concentrate on healing any
injury or medical condition you have instead of working extra to void the ill
effects of poor food choices. Many medical practitioners such as Anthony Close
also recommend using eating some or all of the foods including in major paleo
diets programs in order to eliminate inflammation permanently from your life. Following
lines explain 3 of the best such foods.

Fish Oil:

Fish oil is widely recognized and
used for its well-established reputation of being one of the best
anti-inflammatory foods. According to Livestrong Foundation and many other
well-known health related sites such as, fish oil is rich in omega-3 polyunsaturated
fatty acids scientifically known as docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and
eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) making it an extremely effective part of your daily
diet to fight inflammation. These are the long chain Omega-3 fatty acids and
can help you to alleviate inflammation caused due to cardiovascular, autoimmune
and other such disorders and diseases that attack connective tissues and
intestines. However, you should avoid taking fish oil supplement and prefer
actual fish such as salmon that is also rich in DHA and EPA. Similarly, natural
fish oil is also one of the great fitness products as well and taking it in
your daily diet is indeed one of the best ways to lose fat and fight
inflammation at the same time.  Other
ways to get these special oils include: organ meats and avocados.
Green tea has been an
indispensible part of almost every weight loss workout program known to human
kind, let alone paleo diets. The green tea contains various polyphenols and
flavonoids have long been supposed as the top anti-inflammatory elements. In
this regard a low dose of green tea daily (1g/1kg) will dramatically decreases
the amount of proteins that cause inflammation in liver muscles. On the other
hand, it increases the mRNA levels of tristetraprolin that is an exceptional
anti-inflammatory protein. Similarly, green tea is extremely effective for
persons looking to burn fat fast as it is a great alternative to coffee as well.
Turmeric can be a very valuable
addition to the Paleo dieter’s pantry. However, very few people know that
turmeric is one of the most effective yet delicious natural foods to contain
anti-inflammatory properties. As a fact of matter, there are more than two
dozen components found in turmeric that are great at fighting inflammation. The
greatest thing about turmeric is that six of these components are COX-2
inhibitors. The COX-2 inhibitors prevent Cox-2 enzymes that can lead to pain,
swelling and most importantly inflammation in different parts of the body.
Similarly, turmeric also prevents cancers, arthritis and Alzheimer’s disease. Try
making it as a tea by adding 2.5 teaspoons of it to hot water with honey, lemon
and a dash of black pepper.
Above mentioned are some of the
best paleo diet foods that can help you to avoid catching inflammation in first
place and to heal it if you do suffer from this obnoxious condition.   Getting the right nutrients far outweighs
pumping your body full of drugs to fight off inflammation.  Now you have a few ideas on how to do so.
Visit stared by Anthony Close and
Hannah Close.  It is a great resource, if
you want to learn more about inflammation. Anthony Close, Hannah Close,, Paleo,
Meal Plan, great fitness products, workout programs, burn fat fast, ways to
lose fat, quickest way to burn fat.
Anthony Close

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Why It Is Necessary to Eat Fat to Lose Weight

I mentioned in a previous post about how I lost 30 pounds by doing a ton of cardio and staying away from fat.  I lost weight, but I didn’t look healthy was always tired and the weight didn’t stay off.  Here’s a post from my guest blogger Anthony Close explaining why it’s so important to have good fats in your diet.  Be sure after you’re done reading the article to check out his website and sign up for his free two week Paleo meal plan. And check him out on Facebook.

By: Anthony Close

It is common practice for those people who want to lose some weight to skip on fats and concentrate only on a lean (fat free) diet. However, these measures can prove to be counterproductive and you can end up gaining some weigh instead of losing it. On the other hand, you need to consume a diet that is rich in assortment of nutrients and should not drastically cut on proteins, carbohydrates and most importantly fats.

Fats in Modern Diet:
According to a recent survey conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health, people nowadays eat fewer amounts of fats than they used to do some decades ago. For instance, only 33 percent of calories required by our bodies come from the fat sources as compared to 35% in 1960s. it is also quite surprising to note that only 13% adults were obese in countries like USA were obese in days of higher fat consumption. On the contrary, that figure has almost tripled and diabetes has also increased by 10% over the years. Therefore, it can be rightly said that getting rid of fats from your diet partially or completely does not make a great meal plan at all but it is actually quite detrimental for your health. Similarly, many fatty foods such as olive oil, fish, eggs and nuts are also included in the Paleo diet that is considered as one of the best ways to lose weight in among some modern experts.

How Fats Help in Losing Weight:It has been proved by innumerable scientific studies that health fats actually help humans in dropping some extra pounds around their abdomens. To put it simply, fats are extremely satisfying and stay in your stomachs for longer periods of time and ensure lasting satiety. Skipping fats means you are more likely to feel hunger soon after hunger because you are never fully satisfied. This will lead you to eat many more calories in order to compensate for the shortage of fats and to satisfy your hungry gut. In this regard, not even the great fitness products available in the market can help you in accomplishing your task if you are taking a diet that is lacking in one of the most important nutrient of a balance diet that is fats. As a matter of fact, most of these products contain added sugar and are highly processed in order to make for the lost flavor making it even more difficult to lose weight. If a food is low in weight, it does not simply means that is low in calories as well. On the flip side, these rubbish low fat junk foods might trick you to eat extra amount of calories.

Healthy Fats:
There is no denying of the fact that some fats are really dangerous for human health. For instance, Trans fats are highly liable to oxidation and are pro inflammatory, they can lead to disorders like arteriosclerosis and diabetes. However, monounsaturated fats (found in olive oil and animal fats) are healthy fats that can be included in all weight loss and workout programs. Saturated fats should also be included in a balanced diet. Contrary to popular belief, they do not cause heart disease, cancer and do not make you fat. To the contrary, these fats are the key to achieving your optimal weight and avoiding modern diseases caused by high blood sugar such as diabetes, metabolic syndrome and degenerative diseases; such as Alzheimer’s, dementia and many of common cancers.

A fat burning diet needs to contain fats. Don’t get caught up in the marketing hype of “no fat” or “the heart tic”. They are for making money not health. Consuming healthy oils in proper proportions is the key to loosing fat and keeping it off. Try the following quick fixes:

1. Cook with coconut oil

2. Use real butter

3. Use whole/full cream milk

4. Remove grains and breads from your diet

5. Remove refined sugars (replace with stevia extract)

6. Change your white flour to coconut flour or almond meal

7. Olive oil is great but not for cooking (heat breaks down the valuable stuff)

Lastly, remember that most of the fat free information you see is marketing. Don’t get swept away in it. Keep your meals sensible and remember this great rule of thumb: “if it has a label, you probably shouldn’t be eating it.”If you would like to keep up to date on great, highly researched health products visit where medical professionals like Anthony Close and Hannah Close (along with many other great minds) provide useful information about keeping fit and healthy.

Anthony Close

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Tips to Have Healthy, Glowing Skin

need to protect our skin in order for it to look young and healthy. Our
skin is our largest organ, and we need to protect it from anything that
can harm it.

should drink plenty of water — this is the best way to effectively
treat your skin problems. Doctors and the nutritionists recommend that
you drink at least 6 to 8 glasses a day. It is also necessary to get
enough rest, and this means 6 to 8 hours of sleep daily. Acidic foods
and dairy products cause allergic reactions in some people, so these may
need to be avoided. When you follow a nutritious diet — which should
include fresh fruit, green veggies, and plenty of fiber — your body will
be healthy, and your skin will show it!

Here are some other methods for maintaining healthy, beautiful skin: 
Consider Exfoliates
way to get beautiful skin is to use exfoliates, which eliminate dead
skin cells; this should be done once or twice a week. It allows your
skin to breathe, and it also helps to prevent any ingrown hairs that may
develop. It is necessary to avoid using body exfoliates on the face,
because the facial tissue is finer than other tissues. There are
exfoliating gels that you can use on your face, but people that are
affected by acne should avoid using these gels, as they may aggravate
acne problems. It is best, when you are dealing with acne, to consult
your physician — he or she will be able to help you. 
Consider a Healthy Routine
doctors recommend that you cleanse, moisturize, and tone your skin and
remove all makeup before going to sleep. No matter how tired you are,
you should cleanse your face before bed, and you should never go to
sleep with makeup on. Facial cleansing and makeup removal will allow
your skin to breathe as you sleep.

you shave, the razor strokes should follow in the direction of hair
growth — this will help to prevent razor bumps, razor burn, and ingrown
hairs on the face. If scarring on the face is unsightly, it is
recommended that use jasmine or neroli essential oils on your face. This
works with stretch marks also. There are arnica creams and ointments,
and these are good to use when you have bruises. Vicks VapoRub can also
be effective in alleviating bruises. 
Exposure to the Sun
it comes to skin care, you need to avoid the sun. Over-exposure to
sunlight causes sunburn, although there are creams to help alleviate the
discomfort. You should cover up before you venture out into the sun, or
you should use sunblock. When you exercise, it is especially important
to use sunblock. Exercise itself will also help to keep your skin

It is said
that your skin reflects your health, and that is why you should take
care of it. You should develop healthy habits, and this is a good way to
protect your skin. Lead a healthy lifestyle, and let your skin show it!

Deborah Samuelson loves to cook and go for walks, and she is a contributing author at  

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Ways to Sculpt Your Body Naturally

are so many different pills to take and exercise routines advertised to
help you lose weight and sculpt your body. However, most of these
highly advertised plans are just another way to make money, and they can
actually hurt your body in the long run. It is important keep your
internal body healthy as you make the outside look better. No pills or
extreme exercise plans are needed in order to do this. It is just a
question of sticking to a plan and giving it your all. Here are some of
the best ways to sculpt your body naturally. 
Concentrate On Diet
most people fall off their exercise plans and give up, it is because it
is extremely hard to stick to a healthy diet. One craving can throw off
a whole day of training and resisting temptations. Our bodies crave
these sugary or fatty treats, and now that they are plentiful, we must
depend on our own self-control in order to do what is right for our
bodies. By simply concentrating on keeping a healthy, low-fat diet
consisting of a balance among fruits, vegetables, carbohydrates, and
protein, you can start to lose fat and to concentrate on gaining muscle. 
Routine Exercise
on muscle is one of the most crucial aspects of sculpting a body.
Exercise is the only way to do this and there are no healthy shortcuts.
Add in some body weight workouts every day at the same time and it will
become routine. The exercise may even become entertaining or stress
relieving after awhile. Be sure to vary your workouts. 
workouts are a great way to improve the condition of your body
naturally, and they can also be a great way to let off some steam.
Running is the most popular form of cardio, as it can be done anywhere
at anytime. This will strengthen your legs and your core, and it will
improve your endurance over time. Another great cardio workout is
swimming. Swimming can strengthen the muscles of every part of the body,
and it burns an immense amount of calories. Swimmers often have some of
the most aesthetically pleasing bodies — this is thanks to their
workout routines. 
a sport can be the most fun way to sculpt a body naturally. Whether it
is basketball or ultimate frisbee, all sports can improve endurance and
add on muscle over time. Join a team — find an activity you enjoy, and
simultaneously reap the benefits of an active and healthy lifestyle.
Having a team of people who are also encouraging you and working out
with you is the easiest way to stay committed to getting fit.

Arnold Dawson loves basketball and running cross-country, and he is a contributing author at

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6 Ways to Increase Your Energy All Day

In modern society, people are working longer hours and multi-tasking
more and more. Naturally, a decrease in energy levels leads to low productivity
and drowsiness. Low energy levels could be something more serious such as anemia
or diabetes, but it is important check with your doctor before you leap to any
conclusions. Here are six ways boost your energy throughout the day, regardless
of what you do.

1. The Glass is Half Full
Simply having a positive outlook on life will likely keep you
upbeat and happy. Studies have shown that happy and upbeat people have more
energy than people who are sad and depressed all the time. To make your work
place or home a happier environment, decorate it with plants or a fish tank. Having
something pretty and tranquil to look at it will actually boost your
productivity levels. This is why many corporations include those big bright
pictures in their bland offices. Also, get rid of messy piles of paper and
trash that are associated with negative energy and feelings.

2. Read a Book
Reading a book often creates a utopia or a fantasy to escape to.
There are actually many different genres of books out there, one to cater to
each specific personality. So even if the Twilight books don’t entice you,
there’s SOMETHING out there that will! Furthermore, if your fantasy can’t be
fulfilled in real life, then it can likely be fulfilled in a book.

3. Exercise Every Day
Even on cold rainy days, it is important to exercise, because exercise
is a natural mood enhancer. When you exercise, your body produces endorphins.
Endorphins relieve stress and boost your immune system. This is why exercise
has been shown to reduce depression and anxiety. When you feel better inside
and out, you will have more energy!

4. Take Your Vitamins
No matter how healthy you eat, you likely still aren’t getting
all the recommended nutrients your body needs every day. The best way to get
this is through a multi-vitamin. You can also get a B-12 vitamin injection from
your doctor. This will also boost your energy levels, as well as speed up your
metabolism. Older people tend to have a harder time keeping nutrients absorbed
in their bodies, so it is essential to take a multi vitamin every day to ensure
maximum health.

5. Hydrate Your Body
It is easy to skip the water, especially when there is easy
access to soda and coffee and every other artificial beverage, but it is
important to keep hydrated. It will actually improve your overall energy level,
versus a can of soda or energy drink, because pop dehydrates you and can make
you feel more bloated. Water also curbs your appetite for those instant quick
sweet and salty snacks. Most people grab for food because they think they are
hungry, when in reality they are thirsty and mistakenly eat too much on a daily
6. Sleep Well
It is important to get the right amount of sleep every day. Too
much sleep will make you feel tired, and not enough sleep will also make you
feel too tired. When you are sleep deprived, you lose the ability to handle
stress. When the body becomes physically or emotionally stressed, energy levels
drop! Not enough sleep can also take a toll on your immune system. Never a
good idea.
Florence Rabbitson writes
about health, finance & saving dough at

Guest Post U

The University of Great Content

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Cancer Patients Need a Well-Rounded Workout Regime

Guest blog post by David Haas.If
someone told you that there was a way to prevent cancer, help fight
it off and prevent it from returning, would you believe them?
is one of the best natural medications to fight off any disease
including cancer. Aside from the health benefits, exercise also
offers a host of mental benefits that can free you from the daily
stress of a cancer diagnosis. Whether you’re nervous about getting
cancer, just found out that you have cancer, are undergoing
for mesothelioma

or are finally cancer-free, exercise will help you cope, heal,
recover and regain your happy, normal life.
matter what kind of health you’re in, flexibility exercises are
achievable. Simple stretching, yoga or Pilates are excellent
stretching and flexibility exercises. Start off as easy as you need
to, even if all you can do is stretch for a few minutes every
morning. Over time, your body will adapt and will be better able to
perform more advanced stretches. When you’re ready, take a yoga
class. The instructor will be able to give you specific guidance and
recommendations. Pilates is a bit more advanced, so don’t attempt
it until you have some basics of yoga down. Always start with a
beginners Pilates class, too.
cardiovascular exercise is extremely important to include in your
workout regime. Walking, jogging, running and swimming will burn
calories, help you lose weight and increase your endurance.
Everything from a fifteen minute stroll to a four hour hike is
cardiovascular activity. If you’re beginning a workout regime for
the first time in your life or if you feel extremely weak from the
cancer you’re dealing with, start out slowly. Increase the duration
and intensity of your workout over time. Either head outside to soak
up some Vitamin D while you work out or join a gym and use their
equipment. If your legs and knees feel like they hurt quickly, try
low-impact machines, like the elliptical trainer.
people skip resistance training altogether, but in actuality it’s a
highly integral part of any workout regime. If you belong to a gym,
ask a gym employee to show you how to workout with free weights or
how to use the circuit weight machines. If you workout at home, get a
couple of lightweight hand weights or resistance bands to train with.
Resistance training will help you burn calories quickly as your
muscle increases. This can help you drop pounds much faster than if
you skip weight training altogether. A lot of people who undergo
cancer treatment end up losing muscle and replacing it with fat.
Getting into a toning regime will help reverse this.
all exercise is created equal, nor is it healthy for every single
cancer patient to engage in all types of exercise. If you have
anemia, avoid too much aerobic exercise. If you have osteoporosis or
bone cancer, you shouldn’t engage in any strenuous exercise or lift
weights. It’s extremely important that you visit your doctor before
starting any new workout regime.

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Guest article: Staying Active and Cancer by Liz Davies

Staying Active and Cancer
Studies indicate cancer patients who engage in regular physical activity lower their risk for recurrence and increase their chances of long term survival. Staying active during and after cancer treatment improves well-being. Regular exercise diminishes the impact of chemotherapy and radiation side effects by strengthening cardiovascular health and boosting immunity. Cancer survivors report a reduction in fatigue, pain and stress.

Cancer patients often report a loss of flexibility and mobility after radiation and surgery. Exercise that emphasizes breathing and stretching help patients minimize this loss. In some cases, patients who practice Tai chi or yoga show greater range of shoulder motion. Studies indicate yoga reduces nausea, vomiting and other digestion problems during treatment. The University of Calgary found breast cancer survivors who practiced yoga had fewer mood swings, less irritability and confusion.

Exercise also reverses the changes in body composition caused by some cancers. Breast cancer may cause weight gain and increased adipose tissue to lean body mass. Head and neck cancers cause systemic inflammation and loss of lean body mass. But studies indicate physical activity preserves muscle mass and decreases the risk of weight gain. Overall breast cancer has been researched the most, but since they have found positive results other cancers like lung cancer, liver cancer and pericardial mesothelioma are also being researched.

Seek medical advice before establishing an exercise routine. Most doctors recommend moderate exercise that includes deep breathing, stretching and walking for 10 to 30 minutes a day, 3 to 4 times per week. The oncology doctor may suggest a regimen of specific exercises to stay active throughout treatment and refer a physical therapist for continued support during recovery.

Cancer survivors use several techniques to maintain their motivation. Write physical activity goals on a white board or a chart on the refrigerator to monitor progress. Some people choose to write their goals in a journal. Books get tucked away and forgotten. Keep lists of goals out in the open as a constant reminder of how important it is to stay active. Prepare to exercise in advance by laying out exercise clothes the night before. Individuals are more likely to establish and stick to an exercise regimen if they have their fitness gear at the ready. Individuals who partner with friends and family establish accountability and strengthen their commitment to stay active. Those who reward themselves when they achieve their physical fitness goals are also more likely to stay active.

Liz Davies is a recent college graduate and aspiring writer especially interested in health and wellness. She wants to make a difference in people’s lives because she sees how cancer has devastated so many people in this world. Liz also likes running, playing lacrosse, reading and playing with her dog, April.

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