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Ozeri Total Body Scale

Ozeri 2


I was asked by Moderna Housewares LLC to try out one of their products.  I decided to try the Total Body Scale.  I haven’t had a scale in my home for well over a year.  I’ve been keeping track of my weight by the way my clothes fit and body measurements.

The scale is the Ozeri Touch II.  The scale a total body scale which means it not only tells your weight but also calculates your fat ratio, water ratio, muscle mass and bone mass.

The scale is very easy to use.  First you program the memory profile.  You can put in up to eight profiles.  The profile includes age and height.  If you perform at least 14 hours of physical activity like me, you would choose female athlete. The scale can hold up to 440 pounds.

Ozeri 1


Step on the scale to get your weight.  Stay on and it will flash the fat ratio, water ratio, muscle mass and bone mass.  I think it’s more accurate to use this scale than to depend on BMI.

It also has a Tare mode that can be used to weigh something you can carry, like an infant or luggage. I highly recommend the Ozeri Touch II Total Body Scale and will be using it weekly to keep track of my weight.

To find out more about the Ozeri Touch II Total Body Scale and Ozeri’s other products, please go to

Disclaimer:  I received a free Ozeri Touch II Total Body Scale from Moderna Housewares LLC in exchange for a honest review.  The opinions are my own and results may vary. I received no monetary compensation for my review.

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I’m Finally Back!!!

These past few weeks have been crazy busy, getting the new house unpacked and now we’re getting ready for our trip to Chicago.  I wanted to just stop for a minute and give you an update.

I’ve been working out steadily, almost every day.  I’ve started another round of the Fitness Blender Abs Program and added the Fitness Blender Booty Program.  I really like that you can just add the programs directly to the calender on their website.  So you know exactly what workouts to do that day. We will be staying with my mom and I don’t think she has any heavy dumbbells. So, I’m thinking of getting the Fitness Blender Bodyweight Program to do while we’re there.

I think I’m ready for Chicago.  I tried a few things on that were a little tight a couple of months ago.  They fit a bit better.   I’m still struggling with my diet and I have a feeling it won’t get any better in Chicago, but I will try not to overeat.

I will make sure to update this blog while I’m in Chicago. I hope you all have a great summer!

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It’s Time To Say Goodbye!

Just a quick update from this past week.  I’m loving the results I’m getting from combining the FB Abs Workout Program and the BodyRockTV Fat Burn Challenge. With these two programs combined my workout time is about 45 minutes.  I plan to do another round of the FB Abs along with FB Booty next month.

Summer vacation season is here!  Are you planning a road trip?!  There’s a great way to in a workout along the way.  Check it out here.

I’m a big fan of the Subtle Green’s Vienne Restorative & Regenerative Lotion  It smells so good and doesn’t feel heavy on my face.  My skin looks healthy and I don’t have to add any additional moisturizer through out the day because my skin always feels hydrated.

Recipe of the week made me weak in the knees when I saw it! Egg-free cookie dough made with chickpeas. Yes, it’s vegan and gluten-free.  The recipe is here.

It’s time to say goodbye to this old blog I’ve had for four years.  I’m
hoping with the blog revamp I can continue to talk about my journey with
you all and help you along the way as well.  That was my goal when
starting this blog.  I will have a new domain The revamp is scheduled for June 17.

Please feel free to connect with me via social media:

Twitter: @dancingvalentin or @CravinChocolate
Google+:  Kelly M
Pinterest:  dancingvalentin
Facebook: Beauty, Fitness & Health…Oh My!
Instagram:  KellyM7609
And my other blog: The Elements of Review

I want to thank you all for reading!  Thank you for your support.

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Where Will My Path Take Me?! Excited About The Future

Where Will My Path Take Me Next?! Excited About The Future

I’m really looking forward to summer!  I will have this blog revamped, new house and going home to Chicago for a visit.  I’m just excited about the future in general.  I feel good things coming my way!

I started BodyRockTV 30 Fat Burn Challenge and another round of’s FB Abs Workout Program. I’m already noticing a change in my core.  It looks flatter and more toned.  I have to keep it up even though I’m super busy. I might start the FB Booty Workout Program in July. I’m still thinking about it.

As for my diet, I’m sticking to my 80/20 rule. I have been trying to eat more fat burning foods like oatmeal, eggs, avocados, coconut oil and almonds. I’ve noticed that for me eating three meals with a couple of snacks, one in the midday before dinner and then a small one in the evening works best for me.  If I eat every two to three hours like some have suggested, I gain weight. 

Dates to remember:

The blog revamp is scheduled for June 17 and also our moving day is June 21st. We will be without wifi for a couple of days.   So I will not be blogging around that time.

Recipe of the Week:

Well, it’s more like a recommendation.  I’ve been working on a campaign with Martin’s Apple Chips.  They’re a great snack to take with you when you’re on the go.  I have them with yogurt at night to curb my cravings for something sweet. Check out their website here for other food ideas and recipes.   You can find them in various stores in Ontario, but they will soon be available across Canada.  You can also find them at your local Starbucks! If you live in Canada you can enter to win a spa getaway from Martin’s Apple Chips.  Enter here.

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The Last Day in May

My favorite picture I took in May and it’s also one of my favorite things about the old house. I will miss this beautiful chandelier.

It’s the last day in May.  The year is almost half over. Can you believe it?!  Not much new to report.  Busy packing and moving things to the new house slowly.  The big move will be later in June.  Nervous and excited about it,  Hoping to live in this new house for at least 10 years.  The longest we ever lived in one place was four years.  

So last week I did post a couple of things to my Facebook page.  I received a package contain Subtle Green’s Vienne moisturizer.  I will be trying that out for a few weeks before my review.  You can find out more about Subtle Green’s products by visiting their website here.

Former Go Fit Gal PJ posted a tough Tank Top arms workout.  Sleeveless season is here.  It’s still not too late to get those arms toned.  Check out the workout here.

I’m still doing the FBabs program. Every time we move I find clothing that I haven’t tried on in years.  About four weeks ago I tried on a pair of pants and a dress that were both snug around the waist.  I tried them on again last week and they were less snug. Pleased with the progress.  I will do another round of FBabs along with BodyRockTV’s Fat Burn Challenge.  You can sign up for the challenge here. You know I love a good challenge!

Recipe of the Week: Snickerdoodle Protein Shake! Yes, I made this and was satisfied with the taste.  It did remind me of a snickerdoodle.  So I will be making it again.  You can find the recipe here.

protein shake

Dates to Remember:
Starting the FBabs program and BodyRockTV Fat Burn Challenge on June 1st. 

The blog is scheduled to be moved over to WordPress in mid June. After that I hope to have more reviews for you! Thanks again for reading;-)

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Movin’ On Up!

I think with each move packing gets more difficult. We are moving to a new house in June and I’m kind of behind with the packing.  Another move I’m happy to tell you about is that my blog is moving from Blogger to WordPress.  I’ve been wanting to do this for a while.   Hopefully one day I’ll get to move my other blog too.

Summer will be here soon and last week I shared with you an article about some great ways to stay hydrated during the summer.  The pictures of water are so pretty.  I think it’s a much healthier way to make the water taste better. Check out the article here.

Also I shared a video about the best belly fat burning foods.  Some of these foods I’m sure you already have in your kitchen. You can watch the video here.

I just finished my second week on the Fitness Blender Abs workout plan.  I love that the workouts are around 30 minutes a day.  I’m so busy right now and I need a quick and effective workout.  That’s exactly what I get from Fitness Blender.

Dates to remember:

I have some reviews coming to you but only after my blog has had its makeover.  Thanks to Blogelina  my blog will get a revamp as part of the #1000MomBlogMakeovers.  So excited!  The makeover is scheduled for mid-June!

I would like to thank you all for reading my blog.  I will keep you updated about the launch date. I would love to hear from you as well. Please leave comments below. Thank you!

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BFH Quick Update

Ugh! So busy with Social Media Manager School, packing and now the landlord is starting to show the house we are living in now.  I also have a social media marketing client now. So coming up with a social media strategy and writing content has taken up a lot of time as well. Still trying to remain on track. 

I was able to get out and walk more this week.  The weather has finally started to cooperate.  I missed going for long walks.  I’m forcing myself to walk more because I have noticed the past few weeks my Fitbit numbers have been down and I am more sedentary with school and working. I am thinking about starting one of Fitness Blenders new programs.  I will decide next week which one.  I’m looking at the FB Abs workout plan and it might be that one. 

I’m still doing the Do You Yoga for Beginner Program and doing a little T-Tapp too.  I have stepped it up a bit with doing Fitness Blender workouts.  I feel better after a tough workout. My favorite Yoga workout from this week was day 23. You can find it below.

I don’t have a recipe for the week, but I’m falling in love with avocados again.  Putting them in everything from eggs, to salads,to smoothies, using it as a hair mask, spreading it on toast and of course guacamole! Avocados are so good for you! Read the benefits of eating avocado here

Dates to remember:

Mother’s Day is next Sunday May 10th. Don’t forget mama! I’ve already sent my card.

May 6th I will post a review of OZ Naturals Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Disclaimer: This post does contain affiliate links

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I Need More Time!

I need more time

This week in Beauty, Fitness and Health has gone by too fast for me! I need more time in the day!  I’m packing for our move to the new house, started Social Media Marketing School, reviewing products and to top it all off, I’m a mom! Just being a mom I’m crazy busy anyway. 

This week I reviewed another amazing OZ Naturals product.  The Vitamin C Serum has added a glow to my skin that I didn’t think was possible. Check out the review here. Stay tuned for more reviews of OZ Naturals products!

The Derma Roller System giveaway ended. The winner was Christina G. I’m working on some more giveaways for the future! Stay tuned!

My Workouts: This week I did a lot of walking because the weather here in Toronto has been great!  I’ve also stepped up my workouts. I’m still doing T-Tapp a few days a week along with the Do You Yoga Beginners workouts, but I’m also getting my sweat on.  Here are a couple of my favorites from the week.

Recipe of the week  actually comes from me!  I was asked by the DailyBurn to create a protein shake for the #ShowUsYourShake campaign.  Check out the recipe for Chocolately Goodness here.

Dates to remember:

My review of the ERA Ageless Skin Care Starter Kit 4/23/15. Find out more about ERA Ageless here.

How do you manage your time when life is crazy busy?! Please leave a comment below!

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This Week in Beauty, Fitness & Health

meditation calming

I love this picture! It’s so calming after a busy week!

Hope you all had a great week.  My week was very busy.  The kids were in a play so we had to get up early for rehearsals and stay late for the performances.  The kids were so happy to be able to stay up past their bedtime.  It was an exciting time for them, but now it’s over. Back to reality!

This week in Beauty, Fitness and Health I found a mask from Jovanka Ciares that I really want to try.  It kind of reminds me of a hair mask from the Body Shop I used all the time in the 90s.  The main ingredient was bananas. It did wonderful things for my hair. I used to get so many compliments. Here’s the video:

I also reviewed the Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion for my other blog The Elements of Review. This product has made me so happy.  Now I don’t have to worry about forgetting to moisturize after my shower.  Check out the review here.

This week I reposted one of my most popular posts for Throwback Thursday.  It was from a guest blogger Sandy Getzky.  The post 10 Ways to Make a Workout Fly By gives us tips on how to make working out more enjoyable. Read the post here

Fitness: Mind and Body:

Still doing the T-Tapp workout, but missing my old way of working out, if you can believe it. So next week I think I will step up my workouts again. I lost about 4 inches overall in the past two weeks. If you’re curious about T-Tapp you can find out more here.

The Do You Yoga Beginner’s workouts are great and showing me that I have terrible balance. Learning a lot from this challenge. You can still sign up here

Completed the Deepak Chopra and Oprah meditation challenge.  I feel more confident in myself after doing it.

Recipe of the Week is from PJ of the Go Fit Gals. It’s 3 ingredient pancakes! Just mix together 1/2 banana, 1/4 cup egg whites and a scoop of your favorite protein powder. Next cook like you would a regular pancake and eat! Simple!

Dates to remember:

The review of the OZ Naturals Vitamin C Serum is written and ready to be published, but I’m waiting on the approval from OZ Naturals. I’m sorry, I really wanted to post it on 4/10 like I said I would. Hopefully I will be able to post it early next week.

Derma Roller System Giveaway winner will be announced 4/15/15. Enter the giveaway here!

Have you discovered anything new this week in beauty, fitness and health?! Please share in the comments below!
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This Week in Beauty, Fitness & Health! February 23-27, 2015

I’m winter weary but I love this picture

I’m always looking for
ways to boost my metabolism.  I found this
on apple cider vinegar and it has a couple of recipes. I never thought to put the ACV on sweet potato chips. I made them and they were delish.  I make my own sweet potato chips often and
this is a good way to get more ACV in my diet.

Another great way to
get the metabolism going is to drink Matcha green tea.  It has so many health benefits and tastes
great. I like putting it in smoothies too. 
I wrote  a review for Matcha DNA Green Tea on my other blog The Elements of Review. You can read the review
Just discovered
Thrive Market. Thrive Market has wholesome products (including organic and
natural) for wholesale prices. The products are delivered directly to your
door. Check out my review here!
Had a terrific Worth
It Wednesday
. Read about it here.
Favorite Workouts of the Week Here:
                    Active Recovery Cardio
        20-Minute High Energy Workout with Spotify

Featured workout DVDKathy Smith Weight Loss Workout DVD was one of the first workout videos I ever bought back in the early
1990s. It has cardio and strength. The workout is broken into sections. You can
do them all or just a few. I liked this workout VHS tape so much I bought it on
DVD. It’s great for beginners and if you want to make it more advanced you can
use heavier dumbbells.

Recipe of the week:
Apple Cider Vinegar Chips from the article located at the beginning of the post.
Sweet Potato Chips with ACV

Dates to remember:
Please feel free to share your thoughts with me in the comments section or by clicking the Connect With Me tab at the top of this blog.
Disclaimer: This post contains an affiliate link. If you click on that link and purchase the product, I will receive a commission.

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