Worth It Wednesday: Living in a Decaffeinated World

And I’m a decaf girl

Caffeine, specifically coffee is part of my daily life. I drink 2-3 cups a
day. It relaxes me, curbs my appetite and keeps me sane. This past year I have
been dealing with acne on my face. I never had problems with my skin until
recently. I know it is one of the symptoms of peri-menopause,
but I’ve tried so many things to get rid of them and nothing had worked.

The only times I have given up caffeine was when I was
pregnant. During both pregnancies I couldn’t stand the smell or taste of coffee for the first three
months because of morning sickness. So that made giving up coffee easier. When
I was ready to have coffee after the first trimester I drank decaf because I
read that caffeine wasn’t good for the baby.

Drinking too much caffeine can cause acid buildup

I wrote a blog post last week
Hormones, Acne & Peri-menopause…Oh My! The blog post contained a podcast from the Go Fit Gals and a video
from The Lodown. Both of them contained information about hormone imbalance.
Dr.Terry in The Lodown video is an Integrative Cosmetic Skin Doctor. She
looks at skin care from the inside out by examining  the person’s gut health along with lifestyle and how it affects the
skin.  Hormonal imbalance. inflammation and caffeine can cause buildup of acid.  She also
mentioned sugar, but me giving up sugar would be another blog post.  She suggested having lemon and water in the
morning or green juice. The juice can have kale or broccoli to help balance
your diet and make it more alkaline.  You
can watch the video here.

Caffeine can increase your stress hormones.

Dr, McGee in the Go Fit Gals podcast explained that as we
age estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone aren’t being made as much because the
ovaries are shrinking. As we age the adrenal glands are supposed to take over
to produce the hormones.  But if you are
under too much stress, the stress hormones like cortisol increases instead. She
also talks about how to test for hormone imbalance and what we can do to
regulate them.  In the back of my mind I
knew my beloved caffeine might have something to do with my acne, but I didn’t
want to believe it. You can listen to the podcast here.

I will no longer drink caffeinated drinks on a daily basis.  I’ve already noticed my skin getting a bit
clearer.  I don’t have the terrible
afternoon breakouts anymore.  

I would love to hear about you thoughts. Please leave your comments below.

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