Hormones, Acne & Peri-Menopause….Oh my!

menopause symptoms
Oh dear, I’m heading that way!

Hormones, acne and peri-menopause have been the main thing on my mind this week. I’ve been devouring all I can on those subjects. This week I learned about about how
regulating your hormones is very important for your health and sanity. I listened to a
Go Fit Gals podcast where they spoke with Dr. McGee. Dr. McGee explained how
they test hormone levels and the various therapies used to regulate them.  Lots of good information including some
things you can do yourself to make this time of your life, your best life. You can listen to the podcast here.

I’ve been dealing with acne for about a year now. It’s quite shocking to me because I never had it as a teenager.  I was happy to see a video from The
. In this video Dr. Terry explains what can cause acne and what skin care products for acne can help.  The one bit of information
that stood out was to just rinse your face with water in the morning. You don’t
need to wash your face twice a day, especially if you removed all of your make
up at night. You can check out the blog post here. The video is located below.


Still enjoying the Yoga Shred Challenge. Just have a few more
days left. You can still register here!

Recipe of the week: 

Three recipes you can
eat after 8pm from the Go Fit Gals. Yes the fact that I can eat something after 8pm is the best
thing I’ve heard in a long time! The recipes are located here.


Dates to remember:

Go Fit Gals webinar Science, Sleep & Sanity. Register here.

OZ Naturals’ Super Youth Eye Gel Review March 23. BTW I’m liking it so far! Check out the product here!
Are you going through menopause right now?! Looking for nutrition or fitness tips?! Experiencing any
skin problems like acne?! Looking for ways to regulate your hormones?!
Or just want to meet a great group of ladies like you?!  The Go Fit Gals have created a community just for you! Check out Patreon here
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