Really excited about my new fitness challenge.  I will be doing a different workout each day for 30 days.  I will start from the left side of the first shelf and work my way across.  The first week will be nothing but Tae Bo.  I’ve decided that this week will be a rest week.  You may say that Tae Bo isn’t exactly restful, but to me it is.  For the past 2 months I have been doing a lot of strength training and I think I will give my body a rest from that. Also I’m kind of interested to see how my body reacts to doing mostly cardio.  Some of the Tae Bo DVDs have strength training in them.  Usually it’s with bands or very light weights. This week the workouts will consist of : Monday -Tae Bo Fat Blasting Cardio. Tuesday- Total Body Fat Blaster. Wednesday- Billy’s Bootcamp. Thursday-Tae Bo II Get Ripped (Advanced). Friday Tae Bo T3 Total  Transformation Training (Dedication). Saturday-Billy’s Ultimate Bootcamp.Sunday Ultimate Tae Bo!
Let’s do this!!!

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